The new administrative district, Algiers Road, Mascara 29000

Our Craftsmanship

Traditional products:

The most important activities of the traditional industry practiced:

1. Traditional dress:

This activity has been protected while preserving all its assets and privacy to this day, because the manufactured products are a necessity that is passed on by generations.

2. Dom and el halfa:

This traditional industry depends mainly on plants such as Dom and el halfa, and is used especially to meet some daily and necessary needs such as the frond, the sifter, the dish, the shoari, and others..

3. Technical blacksmithing:

This craft has spread because of its beauty, creativity and sophistication that every citizen requires in decorating his home. It is a product that combines security, beauty and creativity that comes from the hands of craftsmen.

4. Carpets:

The people practiced this craft and it became popular, especially for women staying at home, in workshops, and among family members.

5. Gypsum industry:

This art has rules derived from nature, all of which are essential that the craftsman respects in order to obtain a purely manual work characterized by creativity and beauty derived from the artistic touches of the craftsman.

6. Artifacts industry:

craftsmen are masterful and creative in their shapes and sizes, using various materials used to attract the attention of customers.